Civil law

  • Drafting and lodging appeals in litigation and non-contentious proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings for establishing and protecting ownership and possession rights
  • Representation in disputes related to copyright, industrial ownership and related rights
  • Representation in payment proceedings and other proceedings
  • Protection of personal data (according to GDPR)
  • Media law; lodging requests for publishing corrections, lodging appeals for compensation of damages and representation in proceedings
  • Representation in other litigation proceedings

Recovery of claims

  • Drafting and lodging enforcement proposals
  • Proposals for issuing an enforcement decision, proposals for counter-enforcement, insurance proposals, proposals for issuing temporary and preliminary measures
  • Representation in enforcement and litigation proceedings for the recovery of claims

Compensation of damages

  • Preparing and drafting requests for the compensation of damages / Representation in amicable proceedings and court proceedings

Labour law

  • Representation in employment disputes
  • Procedure for the protection of labour rights
  • Counsel in relation to employment rights and obligations
  • Drafting employment agreements, service contracts and other agreements and contracts
  • Drafting general acts and decisions in the area of labour law

Family and inheritance law

  • Legal counselling
  • Representation in divorce and maintenance proceedings
  • Division of marital property
  • Representation in probate proceedings
  • Representation in litigation proceedings related to probate proceedings

Contracts and agreements

  • Drafting all types of contracts and agreements: purchase and sale agreements, donation agreements, lifelong support agreements and agreements on support until death, rental agreements, lease agreements and other contracts and agreements
  • Counselling and representation before notary public

Real estate affairs

  • Representation in land registry proceedings / Surveys of real properties, cadastral status and land registry
  • Drafting preliminary agreements and purchase and sale agreements
  • Executing the registration of ownership rights, drafting other land registry proposals

Corporate law

  • Incorporating companies, changing entries in the court register
  • Drafting documents necessary for registration of incorporation or changes in the court register
  • Representations at sessions or assemblies of companies

Bankruptcy proceedings

  • Proposals for initiating proceedings, reporting claims
  • Representation at hearings and during the sessions of creditors

Administrative proceedings and disputes

  • Initiating administrative disputes
  • Representation in examination proceedings and in the procedure of evidence collection and at verbal hearings
  • Drafting appeals, complaints, proposals of administrative agreements, proposals for the reopening of proceedings, proposals for declaration of nullity of a decision, proposals for annulling and setting aside decisions and other proposals
  • Initiating administrative disputes and representation in administrative disputes

Constitutional law

  • Lodging constitutional appeals