Our Firm has established an international presence, successfully providing legal services in English and German for a number of years.


Civil law

  • Drafting and filing of legal complaints, representation in litigation of any kind
  • Representation in proceedings for the establishment or protection of the ownership and property rights
  • Representation in payment proceedings and miscellaneous related proceedings
  • Representation before commercial courts
  • Representation and drafting of applications for the compensation of damages / representation in amicable proceedings and court proceedings due to material and non-material damage
  • Representation in the proceedings for annulment of agreements of any kind, and in proceedings contesting the legal actions of debtors
  • Representation in legal proceedings against banks due to overpaid loans in CHF
  • Drafting of unilateral declarations of will
  • Exercising claims for works and services performed
  • Representation in evidence procurement proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings for the compensation of damages incurred due to agreement default or deficiencies in the completed works
  • Representation in debt collection proceedings
  • Representation in legal disputes pertaining to copyright, industrial property and miscellaneous related issues
  • Media law; submission of application for corrections, filing claims for the publication of corrections, filing claims for damage compensation; representation in such proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings for termination of co-ownership and other out-of-court proceedings
  • Drafting of various types of legal opinions
  • Drafting of civil-legal agreements of any kind (purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, rent agreements, construction agreements, service contracts, loan agreements, pledge agreements, guarantee agreements, etc.)
  • Legal advice regarding mandatory legal relationships: assumption of debt, collateral promise, cession, assumption of discharge of debt, assignment, transfer of agreement, set-off in case of termination, and other termination related issues