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Real Property Affairs

  • Representation in all land registry proceedings related to the purchase and sale of real property and registration in the land registry (registration of ownership, condominium ownership, mortgages, easements, etc.), assessment of real property before purchase (“due diligence”), registration of agreements in the land registries, annotation of a dispute in the land registry
  • Implementation of final judgments, agreements, in-court and out-of-court settlements by means of land registry
  • Drafting of agreements dealing with the acquisition or encumbrance of the real property
  • Harmonisation of land registry and cadastral state of real property
  • Making corrections of the land registry status of real property
  • Implementation of individual corrective procedures and linking the land registry entries and the book of deposited contracts
  • Legal assessment of real property status (examination of real property, examination of cadastral and land registry status, lien release)
  • Legal advice related to property protection, acquisition and protection of ownership rights, joint ownership, co-ownership and condominium ownership, easements, lien rights and building rights
  • Obtaining location permits, certificates of occupancy, and other permits in proceedings related to real property and construction
  • Drafting of agreements on design and construction, investment in real property, establishment of real easements, establishment of various encumbrances on real properties
  • Counselling during negotiations regarding the conclusion of an agreement, drafting of preliminary purchase and sale agreements, drafting of purchase and sale agreements in Croatian, English and German, drafting of miscellaneous agreements of any kind: lifetime maintenance agreements and agreements on maintenance until death, rent agreements, business premises lease agreements, gifting agreements, loan agreements, pledge agreements, service contracts, construction agreements, contract of deposit, mandate agreements, partition agreements, usufruct agreements, partnership agreements
  • Other legal actions in the field of real and land registry law, and legal relations related to real property